Reasons to vote “YES” in the ballot:

Our mission is to ensure St Albans continues to thrive as a premium place to do business and for visitors to enjoy as a destination. St Albans BID in partnership with the local businesses it serves has achieved enormous success in its first term. If St Albans BID was not renewed and ceased to exist, the City would stand to lose significant investment over the 5-year term.

During our first term over £2 million has been invested into St Albans with a range of initiatives, delivered by your BID, to improve the area and deliver an unrivalled experience for all who live, work and play in the city.

The diverse range of projects, events and community initiatives that drive footfall, support local businesses and create a welcoming and successful city would not happen. Continued investment is needed for the marketing and promotion of St Albans as a destination and to be able to continue with the additional markets, activities and festivals that drive footfall, Christmas events, street cleaning and flowers which support increased dwell time – all these efforts are needed, and the BID provides the mechanism for a cohesive strategy to make it happen.

During the recent unprecedented times, the BID worked hard to meet the needs of local businesses to provide vital support and to ensure everyone was informed as guidance updated. Initiatives including pop markets and social media channels were set up quickly to help businesses stay open and the “Shop Local” message resonated as additional support.
There will be no collective voice or central body to shape or control the support businesses currently receive and they will be left to face the challenges and uncertainties of the future without a dedicated organisation working on their behalf. We are stronger together.
This is why a ‘YES’ vote is essential.