Support for reducing business costs

St Albans BID has agreed a 12-month contract, Jun’24 to May’25 with PSP – Place Support Partnerships to provide free support to our BID Member businesses to help reduce your business costs.  

Searching for and comparing supplier prices can be confusing, very time consuming, and often takes you away for the day-to-day delivery of your business.  St Albans BID wants to help you in reducing your financial outlay. 

How does it work? 

1. You contact the PSP team directly and register a request for a call back: 

Call – 03330 156 289 Email – 

2. A PSP expert will get in touch 

3. Your payments will be assessed & a report will be provided 

4. If you are happy, sign the quote provided 

5. Celebrate your savings! 

Do I have to change my suppliers according to what PSP tell me and do I have to do it there and then? 

No, you are the decision-maker and only you can decide what you want to do. PSP are there to take the pressure off of you by doing the research and letting you know your options.   

Do I have to wait until my contacts are due?  

No, its unlikey that all your supplier contracts are due at the same time. We suggest you contact PSP and explain your individual circumstances and between you, decide what action to take.  

What information will PSP pass onto BID? 

To help BID assess the impact of our investment in PSP, we will receive anonymised data evidencing the level of savings being achieved. BID or PSP may approach you to provide case study information, or to provide a quote about the service you receive. Your consent will be required before information is shared.   

Give PSP a call. After your call, you decide if you want to use their service or not. 

Call – 03330 156 289 Email – 

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