The BID run St Albans Business Crime Partnership (SABCP). Keep your business, staff and customers safe with the latest updates and schemes from around the area.

The SABCP was incorporated within BID’s structure upon its formation. The SABCP oversees the delivery of the Disc crime information sharing app, ShopSafe radio scheme and the BID team continues to represent it’s member’s interests in local Police and Community Safety Partnership multi-agency meetings.  

Management documents

The SABCP has its own set of management documentation that enables specific crime reduction activities to be delivered. These documents have been updated and now underpin the operating policies for our Disc crime reporting app launched in June 2024.

St Albans BCP Rules & Protocols 

St Albans Privacy Notice Members

St Albans Privacy Notice Offender

St Albans Instant Messenger Policy

St Albans Record of Processing Activities

St Albans Legitimate Interest Assessment