What is Disc? 

It is a tool for businesses to share information about incidents and offenders, as well as current awareness about safety and security matters, so they can better protect themselves and their property, staff and customers.  

The Disc system is GDPR compliant because when registering to use the system, the BID member must agree to all the Terms and Conditions of the BCP. Only BID members and legitimate community safety partners, e.g. Police, will have access to the information stored in the app. 

Watch short videos on key aspects of Disc

What Disc does 

Using the Disc smartphone App or their Disc Desktop, users can: 

  • Access galleries of known offenders 
  • Submit incident reports about them, and about new offenders 
  • Send and receive instant messages and emailed alerts to other users about anything urgent/important 
  • Read alerts, important news and information about up-coming events 
  • Access reference or guidance documents 
  • Receive an automated eNewsletter every week, summarising everything added to their Disc system in the previous seven days 

Why have Disc 

Businesses’ collective pooling of information can build a body of evidence that enables banning activity of prolific offenders using the SABCP procedures and can feed into police intelligence so that offenders can be targeted and potentially removed from operating within the city centre. St Albans city centre can remain a safe space for businesses and their staff, as well as visitors.  

How to join

To sign up to Disc email info@stalbansbid.com


Management documents

The SABCP has its own set of management documentation that enables specific crime reduction activities to be delivered. These documents have been updated and now underpin the operating policies for our Disc crime reporting app launched in June 2024.  

St Albans BCP Rules & Protocols 

St Albans Privacy Notice Members

St Albans Privacy Notice Offender

St Albans Instant Messenger Policy

St Albans Record of Processing Activities

St Albans Legitimate Interest Assessment