Join the network of city retailers and hospitality settings using ShopSafe radios and be alerted to live updates as people share issues, concerns and incidents via the radios. Have that direct link to the CCTV monitoring room to help capture suspect perpetrators.

BID members are automatically eligible to join the ShopSafe Radio scheme. Businesses enter a contract with our service provider and pay a monthly radio rental fee. All you need to do is contact the BID team and request you are sent an invitation email from our scheme provider. Its then over to you to sign up to the scheme. BID is made aware of your membership once you join.

If you are not a BID member but operate your business within the St Albans District, you can still apply to join the scheme. There will be an annual fee payable to BID via our service provider which is based on a percentage of your business rates.

You then pay the monthly fee to our service provider.

As always, if you see anything suspicious or concerning, continue to report to Police by calling 101 and 999 if it’s a crime in progress, someone suspected of carrying out a crime is nearby, or someone is being violent or threatening violence.

For information contact: