We’ll be asking you to vote for our 2nd term in January 2022

St Albans BID is approaching the end of our first 5-year term and we will be asking businesses to vote YES to St Albans BID for a further 5 years. We will continue to work hard for the city of St Albans and to see some of the achievements we have enabled in our first 5-year term, please click here

The consultation began in 2019 and the key finding were as follows:

  • To deliver a targeted and far-reaching marketing and promotion of St Albans District as a premier destination to drive footfall
  • To amplify the marketing and promotions activities of Bid levy businesses via our own channels
  • Delivery of a destination management strategy to drive tourism and increased overnight stays
  • Christmas lights and decorations to encourage visitors during this crucial trading time
  • Maintenance of a beautiful street scene including street cleansing and flowers which support dwell time in the city.
  • To provide support to promote al fresco dining and public seating to help increase dwell time
  • To continue to review parking and transport issues with relevant stakeholders highlighting business requirements for access to the city
  • To represent businesses on the project board for city centre pedestrianisation

BID renewal and why we must ensure the BID continues

St Albans is a beautiful, unique, historic city with so much to offer. Please make sure when the time comes you vote for us to stay and continue working on your behalf.
If there’s anything you’d like to talk to us about now please get in touch.