St Albans BID is proud to partner with Place Dashboard, a behaviour monitoring technology that monitors shopper behaviour in St Albans city centre. The service has evolved from providing technology that allows us to see what behaviours visitors to our city demonstrate to now being able to deliver detailed footfall analysis too. From 2020 the reports show footfall data and the more recent provide a more detailed picture, giving street level data.

The data is gathered through mobile technology behind six British weather and transport apps, so the information is only in relation to users who have downloaded those apps, ie. most likely to be longterm residents of the UK and not tourists.

These monthly reports show:

  • Average visit length
  • Average catchment area
  • Average visit frequency
  • Postcodes that visitors are travelling from (ie where their home residences usually are)
  • How our figures above compare to the national average.

This data will be uploaded on a monthly basis, about 6 weeks after each month-end. We welcome comments and questions about the data to help you make best use of it for your own market research purposes.