‘Down Your High Street’ launches in St Albans!

Our high street is spectacular. Quaint streets, peppered with charming, independent shops in historic buildings. They are a big part of the local community and a huge draw for tourists from around the world. But our high street is facing its toughest crisis ever and to avoid a raft of rapid closures, we must innovate.

Denise Parsons, manager at St Albans BID, is constantly looking for new ways to help protect local businesses against declining footfall. With doors closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, driving online sales is more important than ever. She is excited to share news about the Down Your High Street – the online marketplace for Independent High Street retailers to showcase and sell their products.

Furthermore, Denise has negotiated for the St Albans page to extend beyond just bricks and mortar retail, with professional Services, Hospitality & High Street Services included as part of a pilot scheme. Here, she explains why this is such an exciting initiative for residents and local businesses in St Albans …


“Having investigated lots of different e-commerce platforms for our city centre over the last few months, the Down Your High Street teamed proved to have a deep understanding of the challenges facing our High Streets and a passion to support them. and I urge all our city centre businesses to sign up and start benefitting today!”

Got more questions? Read on for some more Q&As and details on how to sign up…

What is Down Your High Street?

It’s an online marketplace for Independent High Street retailer to showcase and sell their products. It first launched in 2014 and has grown to provide shop owns with exposure, a unique shop profile page where customers can contact them directly, view live feeds of their social media and to see their opening times and location. It’s completely centered around the retailer helping both local and national people shop their products and services.

How many people are using it?

In the first year of the website launching over 300 retailers joined the platform with over 20,000 products available to buy. Today more than 715 Independent High Street Retailers have joined

with over 50,000 products and 57,000+ customers are actively using it. There is a huge national advertising campaign behind the platform, too.

How does the St Albans Page work?

We have worked with Down Your Highstreet to launch a page just for St Albans where people can quickly and easily search and source products and services from businesses with listings. It’s completely user-friendly and you can search by product category, audience or specific item or service that you are looking for. Listings will pop up and you can buy directly on the site without needing to leave.

Who can sign up?

All city centre, BID members or associate members can sign up for free, and you only pay commission on sales.

Why should retailers sign up?

Because you can reach new customers beyond St Albans. People from across the UK & Ireland can shop with you 24 hours a day. It’s free to sign up with a 15% commission on sales. Also, another bonus is that they do national advertising campaigns with regular product placements and coverage in national press and TV.

How do I sign up to the St Albans Page?

Sign up is easy. Simply follow this link https://www.downyourhighstreet.co.uk/high-streets/st-albans

quoting code St Albans Bid.



Chloe James Lifestyle and Down Your High Street


Local retailer Chloe James Lifestyle is a big advocate of DYHS and featured in their national advertising campaign just before Christmas. We spoke to her to find out why she rates it so highly. She said: “Down Your High Street is something every Indie shop owner in St Albans should consider. It’s incredibly easy and quick to set up, doesn’t create any extra work and extends your customer base. Here are my 5 reasons to join DYHS:

  1. It gets you out to a bigger audience. They pay for huge advertising that small shops could never afford to do.
  2. They genuinely want to support small business and keep them on the high street. You can’t go on there unless you have a high street presence.
  3. The commission is reasonable compared to other platforms.
  4. It’s super easy to join, set up and use. You don’t have to do everything twice and the team are always on hand to help you out.
  5. You are part of something that has a big budget, good values and a vision for supporting the future of the high street.


Got more questions? Get in touch with the team at St Albans Bid – 01727 251310 info@stalbansbid.com