Alison Berneye

Alison Berneye Executive BID manager

Sarah Gillow

Sarah Gillow Board Co-Vice Chairperson

Mandy McNeil

Mandy McNeil Board Co-Vice Chairperson

Keith Newlan

Keith Newlan Board Director

Richard Gann

Richard Gann Board Director

Jeremy Michael

Jeremy Michael Board Director

Harry Kinsley

Harry Kinsley Board Director

Andrew Masi

Andrew Masi Board Director

Oliver Zissman

Oliver Zissman Board Director

Richard Latham

Richard Latham Security Consultant

St Albans BID Board meets regularly to ensure best practices and best value in all that we do. Levy payers are welcome to request information on Board decisions and relevant Board meeting minutes upon request.

Get involved

We are always looking for new dynamic board members to shape our story. Join our current board members and make a difference to your City. Our main aim is to strengthen the Board with senior levy payers from a broad background to represent a wide range of sectors such as digital, marketing, leisure, hospitality or finance; keeping a balance on age, gender and the different areas within the district. During the BID’s term, £2.5 million will be invested into the BID’s priorities: making St Albans a cleaner and safer City, driving business support and networking and promoting an active and attractive district where businesses can start-up, stay-up and thrive.

We want to hear from senior decision makers from large organisations or SMEs that are currently BID levy payers who want to give back to the community and help improve the City by delivering the core areas within the BID business plan. Board members are expected to take a leading role alongside the BID team to help develop initiatives within the main priorities for the City.