Safety and Security

St Albans Business Crime Partnership

Free to BID Members, St Albans BCP supports a radio network with direct access to the police and CCTV control. We meet quarterly with the CCTV monitoring group to understand crime trends and alert our members to known criminal activity in the area. 45 BID Members are also BCP Members, with the subscription fees of members in Harpenden and London Colney further supporting the service. This delivers a wide coverage of businesses connected to each other and to the police by radio.


In addition to the Business Crime Partnership, the CCTV and the radio network the BID work closely with the police and security providers. This is because we want to deliver a safe and secure environment for everyone to enjoy with unobtrusive but ever present security features. Some of our security measures are obvious and others are designed not to be. We are always on the lookout to help people so don’t be surprised if our people come and say hello!

Strategic Objectives and Activities

  • Gum and Graffiti removal
  • Provide St Albans Business Against Crime Partnership including the security radio scheme Representing businesses in meetings with police and local council.