We will continue to work with St Albans City Council to monitor the streetscene and respond to your concerns or comments.

Waste Management

St Albans BID has joined forces with local waste company KP Waste in a new partnership that aims to improve recycling rates and boost the local economy, saving businesses in St Albans money on their commercial waste costs.

Kevin Hill from KP Waste said:

“We are the leading independent waste and recycling collection company in Hertfordshire. After many years working in St Albans and with all our recycling sites less than 3 miles outside of St Albans we are delighted to partner with St Albans businesses in this way. No waste collected under this contract will be going to landfill and we look forward to improving the businesses’ recycling streams too to pass savings back to the businesses. This kind of contract offers the best value for the businesses and we know we can deliver the service and quality that they expect.”

If you are interested in finding out more and getting a quote for your waste management, please get in touch with

Working with St.Albans BID Digital

St Albans Business Crime Partnership

Free to BID Members, St Albans BCP supports a radio network with direct access to the police and CCTV control room. We meet quarterly with the CCTV monitoring group to understand crime trends and alert our members to known criminal activity in the area. 45 BID Members are also BCP Members, with the subscription fees of members in Harpenden and London Colney further supporting the service.

We are looking to increase our coordination with the police through the ALERT crime app allowing for data-sharing of suspects and crimes to keep businesses informed and safe. If you are interested in our work in this area please get in touch with Vanessa, our Business Liaison Manager here.

Signposting and Wayfinding

St Albans BID is working with All Points West to audit, design and upgrade a wholesale pedestrian signposting strategy for St Albans City Centre. We will seek to answer the question: How can a visitor to St Albans seek to discover its best assets?

Results of initial audit: July 2018 St Albans Wayfinding Audit